Swimming with a real-life 'Jaws'

World / Science & Health Jan 19, 2019

Swimming with a real-life 'Jaws'

Two shark researchers who came face to face with what could be one of the largest great whites ever recorded are using their encounter as an opportunity to push for legislation that would protect sharks in Hawaii. Ocean Ramsey, a shark researcher and conservationist, encountered ...

World Oct 26, 2018

Hurricane largely wipes out tiny Hawaiian island

Marine debris teams were dispatched to assess the damage this week after a tiny, remote Hawaiian island was largely wiped off the map when a raging hurricane passed through, officials said. East Island was a low-lying island composed mainly of loose sand and gravel, and ...

Business Oct 16, 2018

Japan can export raw eggs to U.S. for first time

Fresh eggs from Japan can now be exported to the United States after a restriction on their shipment was lifted Tuesday, the farm ministry said. Tokyo had been requesting that Washington allows raw egg exports since 2004. Previously, eggs shipped to the United States were ...