Hakodate artisan finds niche in revival of iron potbelly stove

Lifestyle Dec 2, 2016

Hakodate artisan finds niche in revival of iron potbelly stove

A woodwork artisan in the Hokkaido city of Hakodate has carved out a niche in the stove market, reviving interest in old-fashioned cast-iron potbelly heaters. Ryuichi Uenoyama, 51, admits to being taken aback by the flurry of orders he has received for the stoves, which ...

Hopes high for Hokkaido bullet train

National Feb 19, 2016

Hopes high for Hokkaido bullet train

by Takaki Tominaga

The port city of Hakodate and surrounding areas in southern Hokkaido are abuzz ahead of next month's start of a shinkansen line that is expected to drastically cut transportation time and give a boost to local industries and other areas in Japan. Although the overall ...

Ex-PMs visit Hakodate to stop nuke plant

National Oct 29, 2015

Ex-PMs visit Hakodate to stop nuke plant

Former prime ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Morihiro Hosokawa on Thursday visited the northern Japanese city of Hakodate in response to it filing a lawsuit to suspend the construction of a nearby nuclear power plant. The two former prime ministers, who have become stern anti-nuclear campaigners ...

National Apr 28, 2015

Hakodate guidebook offers glimpse into past

by Kenya Hayasegawa

As the city of Hakodate gears up for the launch of the Hokkaido Shinkansen Line next March, a group of local history lovers has published a new guidebook on the region. A year in the making, "In 150 Pictures — The International City of Hakodate ...

Editorials Apr 9, 2014

Hakodate's valid nuclear concern

The government and power companies should not dismiss the concerns of muncipalities that could be impacted by nuclear accidents but have no say in their operations.

National Apr 3, 2014

Hakodate sues to halt Oma MOX reactor

Citing safety concerns, the city of Hakodate in Hokkaido on Thursday sued the state and Electric Power Development Co. to halt the construction of a nuclear reactor based on mixed oxide fuel at a plant about 23 km across the sea in Oma, Aomori ...