GSDF reconnaissance plane vanishes in Hokkaido

National May 15, 2017

GSDF reconnaissance plane vanishes in Hokkaido

The Defense Ministry fears that a Ground Self-Defense Force aircraft crashed Monday in Hokkaido while heading to an airport to pick up an emergency medical patient, officials said. Ground control lost contact with the LR-2 reconnaissance plane, carrying four male crew members, at around 11:45 ...

National Aug 29, 2016

Fresh GSDF mission in South Sudan planned under new security laws

The Defense Ministry is making final arrangements to allow Ground Self-Defense Force personnel to be sent to South Sudan, possibly in mid-November, to conduct a fresh mission in a limited area under new security laws, according to a government source. The mission, focusing on rescuing ...

National Oct 29, 2015

Saga Prefecture to allow survey for proposed SDF Osprey deployment

Saga Gov. Yoshinori Yamaguchi said Thursday he will allow the central government to conduct surveys needed for the proposed deployment of Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft at a local airport in the prefecture. Yamaguchi expressed his intention during talks with Defense Minister Gen Nakatani, who sought approval ...