World Feb 20, 2019

Britain urges Germany to ease curbs on arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Britain's top diplomat has urged Germany to relax its ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia because they are affecting U.K. sales of weapons to — and by extension its influence with — the oil-rich kingdom. The German weekly Der Spiegel reported Wednesday that British ...

Germans claim record for gathering of Smurfs

World / Offbeat Feb 17, 2019

Germans claim record for gathering of Smurfs

A group of German friends claimed a world record Saturday for the highest number of Smurfs gathered in one place. Fans of the blue elf-like creatures, created in a Belgian comic strip in 1950s, managed to gather 2,762 people dressed and painted blue in the ...

World / Crime & Legal Feb 14, 2019

Germany sees 'frightening' rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes

Anti-Semitic offences rose almost 10 percent in Germany last year, and violent attacks were up more than 60 percent, crime statistics showed Wednesday, sparking alarm in the Jewish community. Police recorded 1,646 offenses motivated by hatred against Jews, the highest level in a decade, said ...