Land woes taking a back seat to CO2

National | G8 COUNTDOWN Jun 27, 2008

Land woes taking a back seat to CO2

by Janice Tang

While climate change has finally won the attention of world leaders, the United Nations is concerned about a lack of action on another major — and yet interlinked — global challenge: land degradation and desertification. A deteriorated atmosphere destroys land potential through drought, flooding and ...

National | G8 COUNTDOWN Jun 23, 2008

G8 to support sectoral approach to emissions

Group of Eight leaders plan to back Japans' proposal for a sector-by-sector approach to slashing greenhouse gas emissions in a chairman's summary to be issued after the July 7-9 summit in Hokkaido, according to diplomatic sources. The G8 leaders are expected to agree that the ...

National | G8 COUNTDOWN Jun 20, 2008

Consensus elusive ahead of climate meet

by Reiji Yoshida

Time is running out for Japanese diplomacy — and possibly for the future of the Earth, too. A three-day meeting of 16 major green house gas emitting countries will start Friday in Seoul, the last major session before July's Group of Eight summit in Hokkaido, ...

Ambassador touts biofuel as climate change cure

National | G8 COUNTDOWN Jun 20, 2008

Ambassador touts biofuel as climate change cure

by Jun Hongo

Criticism that Brazil has prioritized the manufacture of biofuel at the expense of food production is preposterous and flies in the face of a superb solution for global warming, according to the Brazilian ambassador to Japan. While the world's biggest producer of sugar cane-based ethanol ...

Reference | EXPLAINER Jan 29, 2008

G8: Meaningful or anachronistic forum?

by Eric Johnston

Over the next six months, Japan will host a series of meetings of the Group of Eight countries, culminating in the Leaders' Summit at Lake Toya, Hokkaido, in July. Along with leaders of the G8 — Japan, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, ...

National Jul 24, 2000

Once reduced to ashes, Okinawa's Shuri Castle regains its stature

Leaders of the Group of Eight major powers had a traditional Okinawan dinner Saturday night at Shuri Castle here in the prefectural capital, including boiled sliced pig's ear, goya bitter melon and locally brewed awamori liquor. Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori hosted the dinner for the ...