Editorials Feb 24, 2008

The age(s) of adulthood

One of Japan's most thriving holidays is Coming of Age Day, when those who turn 20 that year dress in bright kimono or formal hakama and take photos at shrines. The celebration of adulthood, however, is not without controversy. Recent debates by the Legislative ...

Commentary Dec 11, 2007

The graduate school fiasco

by Takamitsu Sawa

Amid the controversy over Japanese students' falling scholastic standards, the most serious concern stems from the poor abilities of graduate students. This problem arose from the mistaken policy, introduced in 1990, of expanding graduate-school education. A case in point is economics. Before 1990, all new ...

Commentary Dec 7, 2007

Cagey political fundraising

by Hugh Cortazzi

LONDON — Prime Minister Gordon Brown continues to have a difficult time. His problem arises from the need for funds to run the Labour Party. Tony Blair, his predecessor, was interviewed by the police over accusations that honors (a seat in the House of ...