Aug 2, 2016

Japan's food self-sufficiency rate misses target again

The nation's food self-sufficiency rate on a calorie intake basis was 39 percent in fiscal 2015 for the sixth year in a row, falling short of the government target of 45 percent, the farm ministry said Tuesday. In the year through March, the self-sufficiency rate ...

Aug 5, 2014

Tax hike keeps Japan's food self-sufficiency from slipping

Japan maintained a food self-sufficiency rate of 39 percent measured by calorific intake in fiscal 2013 for the fourth consecutive year, avoiding a decrease thanks to increased rice demand ahead of the consumption tax hike, farm ministry data showed Tuesday. The ministry said that rice, ...

Japan needs imports to keep itself fed

| Feb 26, 2008

Japan needs imports to keep itself fed


After a spate of food mislabeling frauds and the recent scare over pesticide-laced "gyoza" dumplings imported from China, consumers are perhaps more conscious than ever of the origin of what they eat. Many routinely check the origins of the foods they buy, especially imported ...