Kin mark MH370 anniversary with vow to never give up

Mar 8, 2015

Kin mark MH370 anniversary with vow to never give up

Families of the 239 people on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Sunday were marking the anniversary of the plane's disappearance with a vow to never give up on the desperate search for wreckage and answers to the world's biggest aviation mystery. Voice 370, a ...

Feb 6, 2015

Both TransAsia plane engines lost power before Taiwan crash

One of the engines on TransAsia Airways Flight 235 went idle 37 seconds after takeoff, and the pilots may have shut off the remaining engine before attempting to restart them, but the plane crashed before that could happen, Taiwan's top aviation safety official said ...

Feb 5, 2015

Fast-growing Asian airlines race to find qualified pilots

The deadly crash of a TransAsia plane into a river in Taiwan is again focusing the world's attention on the safety challenges facing fast-growing Asian airlines. TransAsia has been adding new routes rapidly since the Taiwanese carrier went public in 2011. TransAsia and others like ...

Malaysia says MH370 crash an accident to clear compensation

Jan 30, 2015

Malaysia says MH370 crash an accident to clear compensation

Malaysia's government formally declared still-missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 an accident on Thursday and said all those on board were presumed dead, paving the way for compensation claims but angering victims' families still waiting for evidence of the plane's fate. Civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul ...

MH370 kin view latest crash with empathy, envy

Jan 2, 2015

MH370 kin view latest crash with empathy, envy

Images of bodies and wreckage floating in Indonesian waters gave relatives of those lost aboard AirAsia Flight QZ8501 anguish and grief, but they also provided the answers that other families have sought in vain for nearly 10 months. Those with loved ones aboard Malaysia Airlines ...

Dec 28, 2014

Top news of 2014 left public grasping for answers


More than nine months after searchers began scouring the seas for a Malaysia Airlines jetliner that vanished with 239 people aboard, the catastrophe defies resolution. The long hunt for clues to Flight MH370's fate set the tone for many of the headlines that defined 2014. ...

Aug 29, 2014

Attempt to call missing jet may alter search area

Shortly after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radar, airline officials on the ground tried repeatedly to call the crew of the Boeing 777 using a satellite phone that might have left clues to the jet's flight path. Now an analysis of those failed attempts ...

Jul 21, 2014

Dutchman escapes Malaysia Airlines incidents — twice

A Dutch cyclist, riding for the Terrengganu team in Malaysia, escaped a Malaysia Airlines plane crash. Twice. According to Maarten de Jonge's website, the 29-year-old, born in the Dutch town of Oldenzaal, was planning to travel back to Kuala Lumpur on Flight MH17 from Amsterdam's ...