Looking back at 'Japan as No. 1'

National Nov 11, 2010

Looking back at 'Japan as No. 1'

by Takahiro Fukada

Since the best-selling book "Japan as Number One" came out in 1979, the country has suffered through a diminished global presence and been beaten out in international business competition, according to experts who gathered to look back and evaluate the intervening decades. Despite the downside, ...

Obama offers new Asia tack: Vogel

National Nov 25, 2008

Obama offers new Asia tack: Vogel

by Sayuri Daimon

Japan will continue to be a friend of the United States, but incoming President Barack Obama may try to approach China more to solve international issues because Beijing can more quickly effect policy, according to a noted American expert on Japan and China. "It'll be ...

Commentary Jan 26, 2004

Fog of politics obscures war

by Brad Glosserman

For most Americans, World War II began Dec. 7, 1941, when Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor. Europeans date the beginning of the war to the 1939 invasion of Poland. Few Westerners appreciate the length and savagery of the Sino-Japanese war that was already in ...