/ Mar 30, 2017

Birds hit by cars are, well, bird-brained

What is the difference between birds that get killed by cars, and those that don't? The dead ones tend to have smaller brains, said scientists who performed 3,521 avian autopsies. What might be called the "bird brain rule" applies to different species, depending on the ratio ...

/ Mar 23, 2017

Dinosaur-egg bandits caught Chinese police arrest

Chinese police have arrested a man accused of stealing dozens of fossilized dinosaur eggs, state media said Monday, but some eggs are still unaccounted for. The man surnamed Wang allegedly stole 80 eggs from a collector in Zhejiang province on the night of Jan. 9 ...

First fluorescent frog found in Argentina

/ Mar 17, 2017

First fluorescent frog found in Argentina

The first naturally fluorescent frog was discovered recently in Argentina — almost by chance, a member of the team of researchers said Thursday. Argentine and Brazilian scientists at the Bernardino Rivadaiva Natural Sciences Museum made the discovery while studying the metabolic origin of pigments in ...