Kochs use Web to slam critical reports

Business / Corporate Jul 15, 2013

Kochs use Web to slam critical reports

by Paul Farhi

When environmental journalist David Sassoon began reporting about the billionaire Koch brothers' interests in the Canadian oil industry last year, he sought information from their privately held conglomerate, Koch Industries. The brothers, who have gained prominence in recent years as supporters of and donors ...

Business Jun 20, 2013

When the sun doesn't shine, who should pay?

It's a sight that would bring joy to anyone who has ever paid an electric bill: that little wheel on the meter outside your home literally spinning backward, signaling a reduction in your payment and the distribution of excess electricity to your neighbors. Yes, that ...

Business / Economy Jun 15, 2013

Energy report skips nuclear phase-out

Japan's annual energy report released Friday barely refers to the fact that the previous government upheld a goal to phase out nuclear power in the 2030s, reflecting the pro-nuclear stance of the current government. The latest Energy White Paper covers a period between last August ...

National Jun 9, 2013

Sea of Japan methane hydrate survey kicks off

The government Saturday started its first full-fledged investigation to assess the size of methane hydrate reserves in the Sea of Japan. Japan succeeded in extracting natural gas from methane hydrate contained in geologic layers hundreds of meters below the Pacific seabed in March, but exploration ...

Business Jun 5, 2013

Japan soon to be largest solar market

Japan is set to overtake Germany as the world's largest solar market by annual installations this year as government incentives to encourage clean energy in light of the Fukushima nuclear crisis attract investment. Developers may install 6.9 gigawatts to 9.4 gigawatts of solar in 2013, ...

World Jun 4, 2013

U.K. lawmakers rebuke Cameron

Lawmakers in Prime Minister David Cameron's coalition this week plan to rebel against the government in favor of setting pollution targets earlier, a measure industry groups say will hurt the economy. Some members of the ruling Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties plan to join with ...