Environment Oct 27, 2013

'Smart' window can generate and save energy

Paris AFP-JIJI Scientists in China have designed a "smart" window that can both save and generate energy, and may ultimately reduce heating and cooling costs for buildings. While allowing people to feel close to the outside world, windows cause heat to escape from buildings in winter ...

Atomic waste piles higher at U.S. plants

World | FOCUS Oct 27, 2013

Atomic waste piles higher at U.S. plants

U.S. lawmakers have debated for decades where to put all the spent fuel generated by the nation's nuclear power plants. The dithering means that an unintended site has emerged: Illinois. About 13 percent of the country's 70,000 tons of radioactive waste is stashed in pools ...

Business Oct 23, 2013

Nuclear industry amalgamation mulled

The government is discussing a radical overhaul of the nuclear power sector that would combine the nation’s 50 operating reactors into a single company to rebuild an industry that’s been effectively halted by the Fukushima disaster.

National Oct 17, 2013

Abe may visit India in January to meet Singh

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considering visiting India early next year, possibly on Jan. 25 and 26, for talks with Indian leader Manmohan Singh on boosting bilateral economic and security ties, a government source said Thursday. Abe is expected to agree with Singh on speeding ...

Abe seals agreement with Brunei to strengthen energy cooperation

Business Oct 9, 2013

Abe seals agreement with Brunei to strengthen energy cooperation

Visiting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei agreed Wednesday to strengthen energy cooperation between their two countries, including exports of liquefied natural gas to Japan and the development of renewable energy, Japanese officials said. With Brunei seeking to wean itself from ...

'Frack off': U.K. energy debate erupts

Business | FOCUS Oct 2, 2013

'Frack off': U.K. energy debate erupts

by Karla Adam

This might seem a bizarre place for a battle over energy policy in Britain. A quaint village with a single pub, a well-attended tea room and a population of about 2,000, Balcombe has become the focal point of a heated debate over hydraulic fracturing, or ...

Abe, Harper to delve into free trade, energy, defense

National / Politics Sep 24, 2013

Abe, Harper to delve into free trade, energy, defense

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper were expected to confirm cooperation in free trade, defense and energy during talks to be held later Tuesday in Ottawa. Abe and Harper were to focus on trade liberalization within bilateral and multilateral frameworks, as ...

Global LNG client group eyed to cut import costs

Business Sep 10, 2013

Global LNG client group eyed to cut import costs

Japan, the world's biggest buyer of liquefied natural gas, plans to form an international consumer group to study ways of reducing import costs. The government-affiliated Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, is proposing joint research with organizations in Asia and Europe on issues in LNG markets, ...

Business / Corporate Sep 3, 2013

Sumitomo, NGK win energy tender

NGK Insulators Ltd. and a group led by Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. have been picked for a project aimed at reducing the cost of storage systems that can help integrate clean energy onto the grid. The government will pay the companies as much as 75 ...

Environment Aug 30, 2013

Smokestack emissions could produce energy

by Brian Palmer

If pollution had a mascot, it would be the smokestack. Do a Google image search for "pollution." What do you see? A bunch of smokestacks with ominous gray clouds billowing out the top. It is a reasonable association to make. Smokestack emissions contain nasty chemicals, ...