National / Politics Mar 17, 2017

Diet lawmakers send proposal on Emperor's abdication to Abe

The ruling and opposition parties on Friday adopted the Diet's proposal over Emperor Akihito's possible abdication, calling for the government to enact a special law applying only to him. The lawmakers' consensus on the issue will pave the way for the 83-year-old Emperor to relinquish ...

National Feb 10, 2017

Emperor, Empress to meet Vietnamese wives, children of WWII soldiers

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko will hold meetings with Vietnamese women that Japanese soldiers married during the war and the children they had starting from Feb. 28, the government said Friday. The Imperial Couple plan to embark on a weeklong international goodwill tour that will ...

Editorials Jan 22, 2017

Unaddressed succession issues

One-off legislation may be the easiest way to allow Emperor Akihito to abdicate, but it would leave the issue unresolved for future emperors.

National Dec 23, 2016

Full text of Emperor Akihito's message on his 83rd birthday

This is the official translation of Emperor Akihito’s message on his 83rd birthday. Looking back on the past 12 months since my last birthday, the first thing that comes to mind is the visit to the Philippines with the Empress at the end of January on ...

Emperor turns 83, gives thanks for response to video message

National Dec 23, 2016

Emperor turns 83, gives thanks for response to video message

Addressing the country on his 83rd birthday Friday, Emperor Akihito thanked the public for heeding his message earlier in the year indicating his desire to abdicate. His annual birthday remarks followed a rare video message in which he said his advanced age could one day ...