World / Science & Health Jun 17, 2013

Open-source software aids NPOs

The Grameen Foundation was providing health care to pregnant women in Ghana in 2010 when it came up with a new idea: As cellphones become more widely available in developing nations, health information can be more quickly disseminated to poor patients in remote locations ...

National Jun 11, 2013

Tokyo ward to introduce system to report bullying

Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward will soon set up websites for all of its 15 public junior high schools to receive reports and inquiries from students about bullying, officials said Monday. The move comes after a 12-year-old at a ward-run junior high school committed suicide last September ...

National Jun 7, 2013

Unified Japan college entrance test to be replaced

The education ministry plans to scrap the unified test for university admissions and instead establish a new achievement test for high school students, ministry sources said Thursday. Currently, high school students who want to go to a university must take the exam known as the ...

Tsunami hero continuing disaster education efforts

National May 30, 2013

Tsunami hero continuing disaster education efforts

by Setsuko Kamiya

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, regional governments have been reviewing their disaster plans and enhancing preparations, from boosting buildings' quake resistance to increasing their stockpiles of emergency food and blankets for immediate use. While taking such measures is undoubtedly crucial, Toshitaka Katada, a civil ...

World / Social Issues May 30, 2013

Nearly 40% of U.S. moms are family breadwinners

In a trend accelerated by the recent recession and an increase in births to single mothers, nearly 4 in 10 families with children under the age of 18 are now headed by women who are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families, according ...

Editorials May 26, 2013

Super global English schools

One recent proposal likely to have a good effect on English education in Japan is allowing certain high schools to teach subjects such as science or math in English.

Avoid excuses, man up, Obama tells black graduates

World May 21, 2013

Avoid excuses, man up, Obama tells black graduates

President Barack Obama on Sunday summoned the graduates of historically black Morehouse College to "transform the way we think about manhood," urging the young men to avoid the temptation to make excuses and to take responsibility for their families and their communities. Delivering a commencement ...