Editorials Mar 11, 2014

Combating bullying at school

While statistics show that police in Japan are taking action in more bullying cases, teachers must remind themselves that it is their job to keep watch — and not ignore — the signs of bullying.

Commentary / Japan Feb 23, 2014

Plans don't make the grade

by Takamitsu Sawa

Don't count on the education ministry's plan to hire more foreign teachers and students to have much effect on its goal of getting at least 10 Japanese universities to place among the world's top 100.

Lifestyle Feb 20, 2014

Cracking the code of computer education

by John Naughton

Last week, my inbox began to fill up with angry emails. Had I seen the dreadful/unbelievable/disgraceful/hilarious (delete as appropriate) "Newsnight" interview with Lottie Dexter? I hadn't, and as I'd never heard of Ms. Dexter, I wasn't unduly bothered. After all, life is too short ...

More talking helps babies' brains

World / Science & Health Feb 14, 2014

More talking helps babies' brains

The sooner parents start explaining the world to their baby, the better. That does not mean flash cards for tots, or merely pointing out objects: "Here's an orange. That's a bowl." New research shows that both how much and how well parents talk with babies and ...

U.S. city tackles kids' language needs

World / Social Issues Feb 10, 2014

U.S. city tackles kids' language needs

Six-month-old Jaiven James doesn't even notice the pager-size recorder that fits snugly into the pocket of his shirt, recording every gurgle, every cry and every word he hears. The boy is an early participant in a Providence city project that aims to boost the language ...