Roppongi Kabuki cites sci-fi, punk

Stage Jan 28, 2015

Roppongi Kabuki cites sci-fi, punk

by Ayako Takahashi

Known for its nightlife, its fleets of Ferraris and condos with sky-high prices, the affluent central Tokyo district of Roppongi will soon go where even that multinational neighborhood has never gone before — when the launch of a program named Roppongi Kabuki will see ...

Curtains up on 2015

Stage Jan 1, 2015

Curtains up on 2015

by Ayako Takahashi, Natsume Date, Mana Katsura and Kris Kosaka

Innovation adds sparkle to traditional forms Looking into the crystal ball of Japan's traditional performing arts in 2015 reveals a sparkling blend of change and tradition. In what is its 120th year, the film and theater company and pillar of kabuki, Shochiku, will mark the succession ...

Reader Mail Feb 22, 2009

Allow teachers to decide policy

Japan is in an economic meltdown: plunging exports, factory closures, layoffs, corruption, shoddy workmanship, a drunk finance minister. So why not let Japan's English teachers create a rescue plan? Am I a raving loony? Well, consider: English teachers are every bit as qualified to forge ...

Editorials Oct 2, 2008

Slide in land prices

Commercial land prices fell an average 0.8 percent in the year ended June 30 — following their first upturn in 16 years the year before — while the 1.2 percent average decline in residential land prices for the same period marked the 17th straight ...