Museum honoring Japan scholar Keene to open doors

National Sep 21, 2013

Museum honoring Japan scholar Keene to open doors

A new museum built in honor of Donald Keene, a prominent U.S.-born scholar of Japanese literature, was opened to reporters Friday in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture, prior to its public unveiling Saturday. At a news conference at the Donald Keene Center Kashiwazaki, Keene, 91, said: "I ...

National Mar 9, 2012

Scholar Keene granted citizenship

Prominent literature scholar and Japan expert Donald Keene has been granted Japanese citizenship, according to the government gazette issued Thursday. Keene, 89, professor emeritus at Columbia University in New York, was awarded the Japanese Order of Culture in 2008. Since Keene was already spending half of ...

National Apr 17, 2011

U.S. scholar Donald Keene on path to Japanese citizenship

Donald Keene, a prominent scholar of Japanese literature at Columbia University, has decided to move permanently to Japan after he delivers his final lecture at the university later this month, sources close to him have said. The 88-year-old professor emeritus has started the process of ...

Donald Keene: A life lived true to the words

People | CLOSE-UP Sep 6, 2009

Donald Keene: A life lived true to the words

by Eriko Arita

Donald Keene is one of the greatest scholars of Japanese literature and has been highly influential in the establishment of Japanese studies in the West. Now aged 87, the Professor Emeritus of Columbia University in New York has published around 25 books in English, comprising ...