Baker brings skills clinics to Japan

Basketball May 20, 2016

Baker brings skills clinics to Japan

by Kaz Nagatsuka

Internationally renowned basketball skill guru Ganon Baker came to Japan earlier this month to teach local boys and girls some of the drills and techniques required to elevate a player's game. At an event in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture, which was the final of five clinics ...

Basketball / NBA | NBA REPORT Jun 26, 2013

Move by Rivers once unimaginable

by Sam Smith

Duck, duck your head! Pigs are flying! They have to be. The Clippers, the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA, the team that has been an NBA punch line for ineptitude, incompetence and penury for three decades, agreed to hire the league's most in-demand coach, ...

Reader Mail May 13, 2007

Lay it to rest

It's time that all this Yasukuni Shrine, Kimigayo and textbook-revision nonsense was laid to rest. Every Japanese, man, woman and child should be made to realize that without the blood spilled by the Allies in World War II, Japan today, would be a fanatical, ...