Commentary / World Mar 30, 2015

Tuberculosis showing a resurgence in China

by Cesar Chelala

China now has the second-largest tuberculosis epidemic — second only to India — with more than 1.3 million new cases of tuberculosis every year. What makes the situation particularly serious, says the Chinese Center for Disease Control, is that China has the largest number of ...

Editorials Jul 11, 2014

Pros and cons of genetic testing

More and more nonmedical companies are offering genetic testing services that inform people of their risks of developing cancer, diabetes and other diseases, but customers often don't understand the limits of such tests. Nor do they know what providers may do with such personal ...

Dolphin deaths, linked to virus, worst in years

World / Science & Health Aug 28, 2013

Dolphin deaths, linked to virus, worst in years

Marine scientists said Tuesday that a die-off of bottlenose dolphins along the U.S. Atlantic coast is the largest in a quarter-century and is almost certainly from the same cause as a 1987-88 outbreak: cetacean morbillivirus, which is spreading throughout the population. From New York to ...