National / Politics Mar 17, 2015

Multiparty group to examine LGBT discrimination

by Mizuho Aoki

A group of lawmakers on Tuesday launched a multiparty caucus to examine discrimination against sexual minorities in a move expected to further intensify debate ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The group, led by Liberal Democratic Party member and former education vice minister Hiroshi Hase, ...

World Mar 10, 2015

Atlanta-area police officer kills unarmed, naked black man

A white, Atlanta-area police officer shot dead a naked and unarmed black man acting erratically in his apartment complex and who was possibly suffering from a mental illness, the county police chief said. A Dekalb County police officer responded to a caller who said a ...

Shibuya's same-sex move kicks off debate

National / Media | MEDIA MIX Feb 28, 2015

Shibuya's same-sex move kicks off debate

by Philip Brasor

On Feb. 13, Asahi Shimbun's daily Vox Populi, Vox Dei column mentioned Morizo and Kiccoro, the official mascots of the 2005 World Expo held in Aichi Prefecture. These two "woodland fairies" supposedly hailed from Seto, which issued them the same resident cards (jūminhyō) held ...

Danish Jews' affection for their country runs deep

World Feb 17, 2015

Danish Jews' affection for their country runs deep

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's calls for Jews to move to Israel after attacks in Paris and Copenhagen may strike a chord with thousands of French Jews, but it will likely fall on deaf ears in Denmark. While French Jews are moving to Israel at an ...