Tokyo's 'absurd' emergency fuel stockpile system to be overhauled

National Mar 4, 2015

Tokyo's 'absurd' emergency fuel stockpile system to be overhauled

Tokyo Gov. Yoichi Masuzoe said the capital's system of stockpiling fuel reserves for emergencies will be overhauled following the discovery that more than ¥300 million worth of fuel purchased from oil retailer associations under the system was not actually being stored. Masuzoe told a news ...

Kyoto re-elects Yamada to top post

National / Politics Apr 7, 2014

Kyoto re-elects Yamada to top post

by Eric Johnston

Incumbent Kyoto Gov. Keiji Yamada, 60, easily won re-election Sunday night, defeating rival Nozomu Ozaki, 59, by over a quarter of a million votes in a lackluster race. Strong support from most established political parties and the business community, coupled with the lack of a ...

Editorials Apr 1, 2014

Reducing disaster-related deaths

The government outlines a policy of reducing by 80 percent in 10 years the death toll of 332,000 currently anticipated from the next massive quake in Japan, which is predicted to happen off the Pacific coasts stretching from Shizuoka Prefecture to Shikoku.

Editorials Mar 15, 2014

Disaster supplies on shaky ground

In the three years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, a survey finds that a large percentage of municipalities across the country still have not taken steps to ensure enough food or fuel to operate for more than a day if another serious earthquake ...