National Oct 28, 2014

Japan presents nuclear disarmament resolution to U.N. committee

Japan has filed another draft United Nations resolution calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide and for signatories to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty to ensure next year's treaty review conference strengthens the agreement. The resolution, submitted for the 21st year in a row to ...

National Apr 7, 2014

'Hiroshima Report' gives North Korea failing grade for disarmament effort

North Korea scored poorly on efforts in nuclear arms reduction, nonproliferation and nuclear security in a report issued Monday by the Hiroshima Prefectural Government, which graded 31 nations. The "Hiroshima Report" said that North Korea, which conducted its third nuclear test last February, scored negative ...

Editorials Oct 28, 2013

Pushing for nuclear disarmament

For the first time Japan has joined other nations in signing a U.N. statement calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons, despite Japan's reliance on the U.S. nuclear umbrella.

National Oct 11, 2013

Japan to finally sign anti-nukes statement

Japan will sign for the first time a joint statement to be issued at the United Nations calling on countries not to use nuclear weapons under any circumstances, government sources said Thursday. Similar U.N. statements have been drafted three times before, but Japan refused to ...