Editorials Dec 31, 2018

Democracy is under assault

The lesson of 2018 is that democrats around the world must rethink the basic operating procedures of their societies if they are to combat the threat to them that is generated by the very openness that they cherish.

Cambodia mulls law to restore opposition politicians' rights

Asia Pacific / Politics Dec 4, 2018

Cambodia mulls law to restore opposition politicians' rights

Cambodian parliament will consider legislation to allow politicians banned from political activity to have the ban lifted, a measure that long-serving Prime Minister Hun Sen's government is touting as a step "to strengthen democracy and political space." The move, announced late Monday by the assembly's ...

Editorials May 14, 2018

Mahathir makes a stunning comeback

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohomad's win in parliamentary elections is a victory for democracy in a region that has experienced many recent setbacks in that area.

Editorials Mar 7, 2018

Democracy and disarray

The chaos in Washington, juxtaposed against the steady, assertive leadership in China and the self-confidence in Moscow, is doing great damage to the democracy brand.