Chinese jets, SDF flirt with 'Top Gun' scenario near Senkakus

National May 25, 2014

Chinese jets, SDF flirt with 'Top Gun' scenario near Senkakus

Chinese fighter jets flew within a few dozen meters of Japanese military planes over the East China Sea, officials in Tokyo said Sunday, prompting Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera to accuse Beijing of going "over the top" in its approach to disputed territory. The Chinese SU-27 ...

Editorials Apr 27, 2014

MSDF must clean up its act

A Tokyo High Court ruling for the plaintiff in a damages suit over the suicide of a Maritime Self-Defense Force member highlights the deplorable attempt by the MSDF to cover up evidence that the victim was bullied.

National Feb 3, 2014

Onodera to U.S. forces chief: Go easy on Okinawa

Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera on Monday urged the United States to work to reduce the concentration of military bases on Okinawa when he met with the U.S. military's top commander in the Pacific. "Okinawa approved our permit (for landfill to relocate a military base) in ...

National Jan 28, 2014

Japan seeking next government plane

The Defense Ministry has started the process for purchasing a new aircraft to be used for overseas trips by prime ministers and members of the Imperial family. Officials said they will hold a briefing Feb. 3 for companies seeking to win the order and decide ...

Editorials Oct 15, 2013

Maintain civilian control over SDF

The Defense Ministry's proposal to restructure itself for the sake of more efficient Self-Defense Force operations runs the risk of weakening, ultimately, civilian control of the SDF.

National Sep 19, 2013

Surveillance facility eyed for Pacific

The Defense Ministry plans to build a communications intelligence facility on Iwoto Island in the Pacific to improve its ability to conduct surveillance on China and its growing military presence, a government source said Thursday. The ministry's budget request for next fiscal year includes part ...

Editorials Aug 2, 2013

Defense plan would raise tensions

An interim outline of Japan's new defense policy points suspiciously toward deviations from the country's postwar defense-only posture that has won it friends.