Asia Pacific Nov 9, 2015

China says graft fight in Tibet also aimed at religion

The Chinese Communist Party's fight against corruption is also being applied in Tibet to officials who secretly believe in religion and try to make pilgrimages to the Dalai Lama, China's top official in the region said on Monday. Beijing says it "peacefully liberated" Tibet in ...

Asia Pacific Jun 28, 2013

China lets Tibetans venerate Dalai Lama

The Chinese government has loosened restrictions that kept Tibetan monks in two provinces from openly revering the Dalai Lama, Radio Free Asia reported. Authorities in Sichuan province announced people can display pictures of the exiled Buddhist spiritual leader, and ordered officials not to criticize him, ...

Dalai Lama: Ocean of wit and wisdoms

People | CLOSE-UP Dec 2, 2007

Dalai Lama: Ocean of wit and wisdoms

by Raju Thakrar

Lhamo Thondup was born on July 6, 1935 in Taktster, a small village in the Amdo region of northeast Tibet. But neither his parents — farmers who grew barley, buckwheat and potatoes — nor his three elder brothers and one elder sister (a younger ...