Voices | OVERHEARD Jun 25, 2016

Bird brain

If crows are so smart, why don't they know that humans have little interest in climbing a tree they are nesting in to steal their eggs?

National May 30, 2014

Unusual ways being developed to keep pests away

by Junji Yamaguchi

Hawks are among the unconventional methods being used in certain parts of Japan to drive away crows and other pests that spread garbage in residential areas or damage farmers' crops. About a year ago, a building management company in Kobe that was long troubled by ...

World / Science & Health Apr 5, 2014

Crows offer clues to cognition

by Sharon Begley

A species of crow native to islands east of Australia has long wowed scientists with its intelligence, and now it has shown it can solve at least one puzzle as well as the average 7-year-old child, scientists reported recently. Like other research on the cognitive ...