Business / Economy Mar 12, 2014

Government panel urges cut in corporate tax

A government tax panel called Wednesday for a corporate tax cut in an attempt to boost foreign investment despite budgetary constraints, according to a statement presented by its chief, Hiroko Ota. Ota, a former finance minister who heads the panel, which has been newly created ...

Editorials Jan 31, 2014

Help households, not corporations

Lowering corporate taxes, as the Abe administration wants to do, will invite criticism that Japan's businesses are being cosseted at the expense of tax relief for households.

Business Sep 27, 2013

LDP readies measures to cushion tax hike

by Ayako Mie

The ruling coalition on Friday agreed on certain parts of a ¥5 trillion stimulus package being readied to ease the impact of the planned sales tax hike, including handouts of up to ¥15,000 for lower income households. The package will be unveiled Tuesday, when Prime ...

Business / Economy Sep 26, 2013

Abe team puts corporate tax on table

A pledge to start considering a cut in the effective corporate tax rate "as soon as possible" will likely be included in the upcoming economic stimulus package, administration officials said Thursday. A reduction in corporate tax could entice more foreign companies to operate in Japan ...

National Sep 21, 2013

Corporate tax cut agreement eludes

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's top economic chiefs have failed to agree on a contentious corporate tax cut amid lingering skepticism that the move will bolster the deflation-mired economy and amid pressure on business leaders to raise wages. Abe, Finance Minister Taro Aso and economic and ...

Business / Economy Sep 19, 2013

Government may end post-3/11 corporate tax surcharge

The government might end a special corporate tax surcharge levied to finance reconstruction work in areas hit by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami a year earlier than planned, sources familiar with the matter said Thursday. The de facto cut of about 2 points in ...

Business / Economy Sep 17, 2013

Cabinet at odds over corporate tax

Cabinet members in charge of economic and fiscal policies remained at odds Tuesday over whether to cut the corporate tax rate to soften the negative impact of the consumption tax hike planned for next April. "Is it reasonable to cut the corporate tax rate while ...

Business / Economy Sep 13, 2013

Big business may get tax cut with stimulus

The administration is considering a reduction in corporate income taxes as part of a stimulus package to cushion the economy from the first of two planned increases in the consumption tax, according to three sources briefed on the matter. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has instructed ...

Business / Economy Aug 15, 2013

Aso sees little benefit in cutting corporate tax

Finance Minister Taro Aso expressed reluctance Thursday to cut the effective corporate tax rate, brushing aside speculation that the administration may take the measure to cushion the negative impact of the planned hike in the consumption tax. "Even if we cut the corporate tax rate, ...

Business / Economy Jul 18, 2013

Tax panelist pushes for 5-point cut in corporate levy

The corporate tax rate should be reduced by at least 5 percentage points to compete with other Asian economies in attracting companies, a member of the government's Tax Commission said. "Japan should house regional headquarters like Hong Kong or Singapore," Eiji Tajika, 63, an economics ...