Business / Economy Aug 26, 2014

Administration may abolish tax break for smaller firms

The Abe administration is considering abolishing a special tax break for small and midsize companies at the end of March in order to finance the corporate tax cut promised the prime minister has promised. The move is expected to draw criticism that the administration is ...

Editorials Jun 24, 2014

Funding the corporate tax cut

The Abe administration's decision to cut corporate taxes as a key feature of its economic growth strategy doesn't indicate how a fiscally weak government will make up the lost tax revenue even as households face another consumption tax hike next year.

Business / Economy Jun 14, 2014

Noda says Abe buying into 'voodoo economics'

by William Pesek

Sour grapes are in season in Tokyo as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's predecessor steps up and slams the incumbent's tax plans. However, beneath the bad feelings and twinge of regret, Yoshihiko Noda makes a very timely point when he accuses Abe of buying into former ...

Abe to cut business tax but mum on how

Business / Economy Jun 13, 2014

Abe to cut business tax but mum on how

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged Friday to reduce the 35 percent corporate tax rate to under 30 percent in the next few years in an attempt to boost foreign investment and bolster the economy. Abe also said that his administration will secure other financial resources ...

Abe, LDP agree to cut corporate tax rate from fiscal 2015

Business / Economy Jun 3, 2014

Abe, LDP agree to cut corporate tax rate from fiscal 2015

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his ruling Liberal Democratic Party's tax panel agreed Tuesday to cut Japan's corporate tax rate from fiscal 2015 on the condition that the government continues efforts to restore the country's precarious public finances. Earlier in the day, Finance Minister Taro ...

Business / Economy May 16, 2014

Task force seeks corporate tax cut, broader base

A government task force said Friday that the corporate tax rate should be cut but that the number of paying companies should be expanded, emphasizing that the current system is limited only to some profitable firms. The group, set up under the Tax Commission to ...

Business / Economy Apr 24, 2014

Biz tax cut would lift GDP: METI

Japan's gross domestic product would likely grow by at least ¥7 trillion if the effective corporate tax rate were to fall by about 10 points from the current level of around 35 percent, the industry ministry said in a recent survey. The estimate comes amid ...

Editorials Apr 17, 2014

Tread carefully on corporate tax cut

As the Abe administration considers cuts to corporate taxes as part of its growth strategy, it must ensure that it doesn't end up plugging the revenue hole by adding tax burdens to the household sector, already bearing the brunt of the April 1 consumption ...

Cut corporate taxes to keep companies in Japan: Ota

Business / Economy Mar 25, 2014

Cut corporate taxes to keep companies in Japan: Ota

Japan's corporate taxes should be reduced to attract foreign businesses and persuade domestic companies not to shift operations overseas, a former economic minister who heads a government corporate tax committee said. Even after the yen's 20 percent decline versus the dollar over the last two ...