National May 25, 2016

Elderly fall victim to Net trouble via smartphones: white paper

Consumer consultation centers across Japan received a record 90,893 inquiries about smartphone-related services in fiscal 2015, the government said Tuesday, pointing in particular to problems experienced by elderly people. Over the past year through March, the number of inquiries pertaining to smartphones shot up 30 ...

Tokyo bureaucrats trial working from Tokushima Prefecture

National Mar 14, 2016

Tokyo bureaucrats trial working from Tokushima Prefecture

Senior officials of the Consumer Affairs Agency are carrying out a trial in which they are working remotely from a facility in Tokushima Prefecture. The test, which began Monday in Kamiyama, Tokushima Prefecture, is part of Tokyo's efforts to decentralize some of its functions, spreading ...

Agency issues warning over children swallowing Setsubun beans

National Feb 2, 2016

Agency issues warning over children swallowing Setsubun beans

Ahead of Setsubun on Wednesday, the day to celebrate the beginning of spring, the Consumer Affairs Agency has warned parents to guard against small children accidentally swallowing soybeans. People customarily throw and eat roasted soybeans on Setsubun to drive away evil spirits and invite good fortune. However, ...

National Jan 14, 2016

Government eyes transfer of two agencies' functions to prefectures

Some functions within the Cultural Affairs Agency and Consumer Affairs Agency could be relocated to Kyoto and Tokushima prefectures, respectively, under a government plan to be finalized in March, sources said. Officials representing both agencies and local governments will discuss details later this month, including ...

National May 8, 2014

Allergy warnings eyed at restaurants

The Consumer Affairs Agency has set up a panel on how to warn restaurant customers about ingredients that might cause allergies — a field not covered by current labeling regulations. As it stands, children with allergies cannot go to fast food restaurants with friends or ...