Martian night forecast: Dark with flurries

/ Aug 22, 2017

Martian night forecast: Dark with flurries

Mars is buffeted by turbulent snowstorms that occur only at night, according to a study released Monday that revises our understanding of Red Planet weather. Up to now, it was thought that snow falling from low-lying Martian clouds settled slowly and sparsely to the ground ...

Nov 20, 2015

Test begins to store carbon dioxide under seabed off Hokkaido

A trial operation for capturing carbon dioxide emitted by factories and power plants for undersea storage began Friday at the nation's first major facility for that purpose in Hokkaido. The government-backed project is aimed at putting the so-called CCS (carbon-dioxide capture and storage) technology into ...

/ Nov 24, 2013

UNEP chief urges Japan to stay in fight

The chief of the U.N. Environment Program urged Japan to keep playing a leadership role in the fight against global warming, although it faces a challenge caused by Fukushima nuclear disaster, which left most of its atomic plants offline. "The world has in a sense ...