Commentary Apr 27, 2010

New sanctions will only bolster hardliners

by Cesar Chelala

If past experience with authoritarian regimes is any guide, new sanctions on Iran will not succeed in curbing its nuclear power development and will, instead, strengthen the hardliners in government. Much more can be gained by improving the relationship between U.S. and Iranian citizens. ...

Commentary Mar 31, 2010

Why China kills a chicken to scare monkeys

by Tom Plate

It may be that Zhu Rongji is the most important Chinese political figure since the death of Mao Zedong's relatively enlightened successor Deng Xiaoping, I don't know. As China's previous premier (number two of the whole place) he was certainly the key technical engineer ...

Commentary Mar 19, 2010

Revising the art of defense

by David Howell

LONDON — How much should a nation spend on defense and its armed forces? A furious argument is now raging in Britain over this very question, with insults and criticisms flying between top military men and politicians about levels of defense spending, standards of equipment, ...