Editorials Aug 5, 2013

Mr. Bo Xilai, indicted at last

The trial of Chinese politician Bo Xilai is not just about misdeeds. It will show the world how serious China's new leadership is about tackling Communist Party corruption.

Editorials Mar 21, 2013

China completes its transition

With the transition to the so-called fifth generation of leaders complete, China faces formidable environmental, economic and diplomatic problems.

Minding the gaps

Asia Pacific Feb 27, 2011

Minding the gaps

by Jeff Kingston

During the Senkaku/Diaoyu imbroglio following the Sept. 7, 2010 collision between a Chinese trawler and a Japan Coast Guard patrol vessel off disputed islands of those names in the East China Sea, some NHK and Asahi reporters emphasized that the anti-Japanese demonstrations in China ...