World / Science & Health Nov 3, 2013

Babies know songs they hear in the womb: study

Babies who have a lullaby played to them regularly while still in the womb can recognize the song months after birth, a study has found. The researchers had 10 expectant mothers play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" loudly multiple times per week throughout their last trimester ...

Internet NPO links kids worldwide

Digital Sep 21, 2013

Internet NPO links kids worldwide

by Tomoko Otake

Earlier this month, when the nation's Olympic bid ambassador Christel Takigawa referred to "omotenashi" (the spirit of Japanese-style hospitality) in her speech to the International Olympic Committee, the term quickly turned into a buzzword in Japan. Now that Tokyo's preparations for the 2020 Summer Olympics ...

Editorials Aug 31, 2013

Unanswered calls from children

Seventy-five percent of calls made to telephone counseling services for children go unanswered. A better system to help every child who calls is needed.

National Jul 16, 2013

Hague pact 'too late' for divorcee

by Saori Miyagawa

For one Japanese mother long separated from her children after the failure of an international marriage, the Diet's expected ratification of an international treaty to help settle cross-border child custody disputes arouses mixed feelings. "Personally, it's too late for me, but I feel we've come ...

Parents give kids early start in English

National Jul 10, 2013

Parents give kids early start in English

by Satoshi Toi

More and more parents are interested in having their children start studying English even before they turn 1, with an eye on giving them an advantage in their future careers. At S&S International School, an English school for infants in Yokohama, 2-year-olds were fluently pronouncing ...

Editorials Jul 9, 2013

Supporting less fortunate children

A law passed unanimously by the Upper House will test the central government's will to support education for poor children and to help low-income parents find jobs.

National May 10, 2013

Lower House OKs Hague convention bill

The Lower House on Thursday approved a bill needed to ratify an international treaty on settling cross-border child custody disputes, making it certain the Diet will enact it this summer following Upper House deliberations. The 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child ...