Parks fill up as nation readies  for annual 'sakura' extravaganza

Apr 1, 2017

Parks fill up as nation readies for annual 'sakura' extravaganza

The nation's annual cherry blossom extravaganza, about to kick off with boozy parties across the country, will draw tourists from far and wide, but the annual coming-of-spring ritual isn't "official" until inspectors such as Hisato Nishii sign off on it. Over the past few weeks, ...

Mar 22, 2015

Japanese, American musicians jazz up Washington cherry blossom festival

Japanese and American musicians including New York-based jazz pianist Manami Morita were among those who entertained visitors to Washington's annual cherry blossom festival on Saturday. Also appearing at a sold-out event at the Warner Theatre were Japanese pop singer Misato Watanabe and the AUN J ...

Our guide to family <em>hanami</em> hot spots

| Mar 20, 2014

Our guide to family hanami hot spots


The transition from winter to summer is just beginning, and that means something magical is about to arrive: cherry-blossom season. As winter loosens its grip, delicate pastel petals push their way out of gnarled sakura-tree branches — an early indicator of the warmth that ...

It's not too late for <em>hanami</em>

/ May 3, 2013

It's not too late for hanami


This year's sakura (cherry blossoms) took many people by surprise — especially in the Kanto region. Unusually warm weather in March hastened the peak of the blossoms by a couple of weeks, and by early April, when all the parties by and under the ...

Cheering for cherries

| Mar 16, 2013

Cheering for cherries


If the Grinch — that well-known wet blanket of holiday mirth — were both a betting man and Japanese, it wouldn't be Christmas he was after. Nor New Year's, nor the Emperor's birthday, nor Golden Week, nor National Toilet Day (Nov. 10. Mark it ...