BOJ's total assets climbs to top ¥500 trillion for first time

Business Jun 2, 2017

BOJ's total assets climbs to top ¥500 trillion for first time

The Bank of Japan said Friday its total assets surpassed ¥500 trillion ($4.5 trillion) for the first time, nearing Japan's gross domestic product due to massive purchases of assets under its aggressive monetary easing policy. The BOJ's balance sheet has ballooned under the asset purchase ...

Editorials Jan 20, 2015

Shocking Switzerland

The Swiss National Bank's move to abandon currency market intervention has profound implications for the international financial system.

Business / Economy Jul 15, 2014

BOJ stays the course toward 2% inflation

The Bank of Japan on Tuesday kept its record stimulus unchanged and forecast inflation will pick up to its 2 percent price target. The central bank stuck with its goal of an annual increase in the monetary base of between ¥60 trillion and ¥70 trillion, ...

Business Jul 18, 2013

G-20 to discuss how to keep emerging economies healthy

Finance chiefs from the Group of 20 nations are likely to discuss how to prevent emerging economies from stalling when they gather Friday for a two-day meeting in Moscow, with market volatility casting a shadow over their future economic prospects. The finance ministers and central ...