Jun 8, 2017

China closes 60 celebrity gossip social media accounts

China's cyberspace authorities have ordered internet companies to close 60 popular celebrity gossip social media accounts in the latest in a series of crackdowns on independent media. Website operators from some of China's biggest internet companies including Tencent and Baidu were told in a meeting ...

May 3, 2017

China tightens rules for online news providers

China has issued new internet regulations increasing Communist party control over online news providers, the latest step in the country's push to tighten its policing of the web. The ruling party oversees a vast apparatus designed to censor online content deemed politically sensitive, maintaining that ...

/ Apr 30, 2017

Turkey blocks Wikipedia access, bans TV dating shows

Turkey on Saturday blocked all access to Wikipedia and banned television dating shows, adding to fears of a crackdown after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's victory in a referendum on enhancing his powers. The government also dismissed almost 4,000 public officials in the latest wave of ...

Uncovering the truth in the era of fake news

| Mar 31, 2017

Uncovering the truth in the era of fake news


About three years ago, Makoto Watanabe, then an investigative reporter at The Asahi Shimbun newspaper, had a "hunch," based on his experience covering the pharmaceutical industry, that an advertising agency might be paying a major news organization to write stories about certain drugs to ...