National Feb 2, 2016

Bus operator to lose license over fatal Nagano crash

The transport ministry on Tuesday informed the operator involved in a fatal bus crash last month that its license to run a tour bus business will be revoked after it was found to have committed several safety regulation breaches. The penalty that Tokyo-based ESP faces ...

Overnight bus crashes in Karuizawa, killing 14

National Jan 15, 2016

Overnight bus crashes in Karuizawa, killing 14

Fourteen people died and 26 were injured when a packed bus on an overnight journey crashed in the early hours on Friday. It was the worst toll from a bus accident in decades. The bus was carrying 41 people bound for a ski resort when ...

Editorials Mar 30, 2014

Sleepy driving can kill

All drivers should make sure they are well rested before they take the wheel and not hesitate to take a break if they feel sleepy.