Hitachi develops new breast cancer detection technology

/ May 25, 2017

Hitachi develops new breast cancer detection technology

Electronics giant Hitachi has developed a new technology that detects breast cancer by beaming ultrasonic waves at breasts from 360 degrees. The new technology can identify breast cancer in young women with high accuracy compared with one-way ultrasonography or mammography, company officials said. Hitachi aims to ...

/ Aug 7, 2014

Study ties new gene to major breast cancer risk

It's long been known that faulty BRCA genes greatly raise the risk for breast cancer. Now scientists say a more recently identified, less common gene can do the same. Mutations in the gene can make breast cancer up to nine times more likely to develop, ...

/ Jun 15, 2013

Insurance OK'd for artificial breasts

A health ministry panel has approved a system that will enable cancer patients to receive public insurance coverage for artificial breasts from next month. The move will reduce the financial burden on patients undergoing radical mastectomies since the government would shoulder 70 percent of the ...