Reader Mail Jul 21, 2011

Brilliant display of teamwork

Regarding the FIFA Women's World Cup soccer finale: My congratulations to the Japanese team for a brilliant display of teamwork, discipline, determination and patience. The whole world watched how this team handled a much bigger opponent. That both sides showed good sportsmanship throughout the game ...

Editorials Dec 13, 2007

Spotlight on troubled cities

The internal affairs ministry has introduced four indicators to gauge the financial health of local governments based on a law enacted in June to prevent bankruptcy of local governments. In view of financial problems at local governments, like the bankruptcy of the city of ...

Commentary / World Apr 9, 2007

A way forward for global financial policy

by Lakhdar Brahimi and Kenneth Rogoff

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Financial globalization is exploding. Yet, as the world's leading finance ministers and central bankers convene in Washington this month for the semiannual International Monetary Fund board meetings, policy paralysis continues. There is simply no agreement on how to address glaring problems such ...

Commentary Jan 11, 2007

Britain's nuclear dilemma

by David Howell

LONDON -- The issue of an independent nuclear deterrent has now once again become a prime topic of debate in Britain. Of course, the question of whether Britain should retain nuclear weapons has been a subject of fierce political argument all along since the atomic ...