Bolivia's second-largest lake lost to warming

Environment Jan 30, 2016

Bolivia's second-largest lake lost to warming

by Carlos Valdez

Overturned fishing skiffs lie abandoned on the shores of what was Bolivia's second-largest lake. Beetles dine on bird carcasses and gulls fight for scraps under a glaring sun in what marshes remain. Lake Poopo was officially declared evaporated last month. Hundreds, if not thousands, of ...

World Jul 9, 2015

Pope drinks coca tea on way to highlands of Bolivia

Pope Francis drank a tea of coca leaves, chamomile flower and anise seeds on the plane to Bolivia from Ecuador Wednesday to ward off altitude sickness upon arrival at the highest international airport in the world. Coca is the main ingredient for cocaine, but people ...

Soccer / World Cup Jun 7, 2014

Greece slips past Bolivia

Panagiotis Kone ended Greece's nearly four-game run without a goal in the first half and the Europeans beat Bolivia 2-1 Friday night, their last friendly before heading to Brazil for the World Cup. Kone's goal in the 21st minute was Greece's first in 358 minutes, ...