/ Mar 5, 2016

Boeing's new plane bathrooms sterilize themselves in just three seconds

Boeing engineers think they have a solution for smelly, grimy airplane bathrooms: ultraviolet light. The aircraft manufacturer has filed a patent for a self-cleaning lavatory that disinfects all surfaces in just three seconds. Many passengers would welcome more sanitary airplane bathrooms, but they may have to ...

Last Boeing C-17 leaves Southern California assembly plant

Nov 30, 2015

Last Boeing C-17 leaves Southern California assembly plant

The last C-17 Globemaster III built at a Southern California Boeing plant soared into history on Sunday with a flyover that marked the end of an era for the region's once-thriving aerospace industry. The enormous cargo jet was cheered in Long Beach as if roared ...

Northrop Grumman to build secret, next-generation U.S. bomber

/ Oct 28, 2015

Northrop Grumman to build secret, next-generation U.S. bomber

The U.S. Air Force said Tuesday it chose Northrop Grumman Corp., maker of the B-2 stealth bomber, to build its next-generation bomber, a highly classified, $55 billion project designed to replace the aging bomber fleet with an information-age aircraft that eventually may be capable ...

Sep 18, 2015

Boeing rivals seek to compete for Britain's next sub-chasing aircraft

Global defense companies are clamoring for the chance to compete with Boeing for a multi-billion-dollar contract to provide Britain with submarine-hunting aircraft, as the U.K. government ponders a gap left by recent defense cuts. At a time of rising Western tensions with Russia — whose ...

Boeing unveils Starliner space fleet

/ Sep 5, 2015

Boeing unveils Starliner space fleet

Boeing already has the Dreamliner. Now it also has the Starliner. The aerospace giant announced the name of its future space fleet Friday. More than 200 people, including Florida Gov. Rick Scott, NASA and Boeing officials, and a bevy of former astronauts, gathered at NASA's ...

Aug 27, 2015

FAA starts probe after Allegiant jet aborts out-of-control takeoff

U.S. air-safety investigators are looking into a mechanical failure that caused the nose of an Allegiant Airlines jet to rise off the ground prematurely before takeoff, defying the crew's attempts to push it down. Pilots abruptly halted their roll on the runway at 138 miles ...