Business Nov 27, 2017

Indian official aims to take Japanese bicycle technology back home

An Indian official recently toured Japan's bicycle industry with an aim to transfer the country's cutting-edge technology and know-how to India, which is currently facing severe competition in the sector from China. Devinder Pal Singh Kharbanda, director of industries in the northern state of Punjab, ...

Urban Japan trying its hand at bicycle-sharing

Reference | FYI May 1, 2017

Urban Japan trying its hand at bicycle-sharing

by Kazuaki Nagata

The so-called sharing economy has spread to a variety of fields such as cars and homes, and Japan has seen another rising trend in recent years — bicycles. A growing number of municipalities and private firms are providing bikes to gauge whether such services will ...

Editorials Jun 16, 2015

Focusing on safe cycling

The revised Road Traffic Law should serve as a reminder to cyclists that they must follow traffic rules and ride safely.