Male hairdressers struggle in 'charisma boom' wake

National Aug 30, 2013

Male hairdressers struggle in 'charisma boom' wake

by Tomoko Arima

Male hairdressers are having trouble surviving amid the so-called charisma boom their industry gave rise to around 2000. The boom, hyped by TV dramas and variety shows with charismatic hairdressers, prompted many young men to take up the profession. The number of newly licensed hairdressers ...

Reader Mail Apr 5, 2012

Ill effects on bilateral relations

Klaus Herrle, in his March 29 letter, "Painful to see payoffs to U.S.," gets straight to the point of criticizing Washington's demand that Japan pay an additional $1 billion for transferring U.S. Marines from Okinawa to Guam and elsewhere. Although there was no need to ...