Editorials Jul 16, 2013

Few feeling the economic recovery

The Bank of Japan on July 11 upgraded its assessment of the Japanese economy for the seventh straight month and said that it is "starting to recover moderately" on the strength of various economic indexes turning upward, including improving business sentiment and steady consumer ...

Editorials Jul 3, 2013

Business sentiment mixed

Japan's quarterly "tankan" survey shows mixed business sentiments. Small and medium-size firms so far don't seem to have benefited much from "Abenomics.

Editorials May 9, 2013

Inflation goal kills BOJ flexibility

The Bank of Japan should not stick to its 2 percent inflation goal at the expense of flexibility in its monetary policy. The goal also could cause undesirable side effects.

Editorials Mar 20, 2013

BOJ must proceed with caution

The Bank of Japan has agreed to adopt a 2 percent inflation target, but the BOJ is asking for trouble if it makes such a price rise its ultimate goal.

Editorials Mar 7, 2013

Mr. Kuroda's high hopes

Bank of Japan presidential nominee Haruhiko Kuroda tells confirmation lawmakers that he will do anything he can to push Japan off its deflation path.

Commentary / Japan Feb 7, 2013

'Abenomic' hopes and fears

by Shinji Fukukawa

"Abenomics" is now a buzzword at home and abroad. Even before taking office, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had strongly demanded that the Bank of Japan take action to end deflation and set an inflation target that would drive the yen lower. He had gone so ...

Editorials Jan 23, 2013

Manipulation of a key index

Even during Japan's bubble economy of the late '80s, average annual inflation was 0.7 percentage point shy of the just-adopted 2 percent target.