World / Science & Health Jul 14, 2019

Russia launches major new telescope into space

A Russian Proton-M rocket successfully delivered a cutting-edge space telescope into orbit Saturday after days of launch delays, Russia's space agency said. Roscosmos said the telescope, named Spektr-RG, was delivered into a parking orbit before a final burn Saturday that kicked the spacecraft out of ...

Stonehenge solstices go live worldwide

World Jun 22, 2019

Stonehenge solstices go live worldwide

People around the world can now view the movement of the sun and stars over the ancient stone circle at Britain's Stonehenge through a livestream launched on Friday, the summer solstice. The solstice marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and ...

World / Science & Health Jun 21, 2019

Telescope on sacred Hawaiian peak gets final go-ahead

After years of protests and legal battles, officials have announced that a massive telescope which will allow scientists to peer into the most distant reaches of our early universe will be built on a Hawaiian volcano that some consider sacred. The state announced a "notice ...