National Nov 24, 2015

Yui and ISS colleagues to return to Earth earlier than planned

Astronaut Kimiya Yui and two colleagues aboard the International Space Station will return to Earth on Dec. 11, some 11 days earlier than planned, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said Tuesday. The change was made to accommodate a delay in a Russian cargo launch. Together with ...

National Aug 27, 2015

Japanese astronaut Kanai to travel to space in 2017

by Shusuke Murai

Norishige Kanai used to be a Maritime Self-Defense Force doctor specializing in undersea medicine, but in 2017 he will take a huge leap, as he puts it, "from deep sea to space." Kanai will travel aboard the Soyuz spacecraft into space, beginning a six-month journey ...

Japanese astronaut Yui says he's ready for space mission

National Jul 8, 2015

Japanese astronaut Yui says he's ready for space mission

Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui has expressed his readiness to leave later this month for a five-month-long mission aboard the International Space Station. "Everything is ready," Yui, 45, told a press conference at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center outside Moscow. "I would like to produce results." Yui ...

National May 8, 2015

Russian launch of new ISS crew members delayed until July: reports

The launch of the rocket that was to carry Japan's Kimiya Yui and two other astronauts to the International Space Station this month has been postponed to July, Russian media reports said Friday. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said authorities in the countries involved ...