Editorials Feb 5, 2016

Widening asbestos compensation

The government should work out a scheme to provide relief to construction workers who suffered health damage from asbestos, which was widely used during Japan's construction boom.

National Nov 18, 2014

Japanese docs trying to stop all asbestos use in Asia

by Tatsuya Tsujimura

Japanese doctors are stepping up efforts to help Asia's developing economies stop using asbestos, sharing knowledge bitterly learned in Japan about the serious and fatal illnesses caused by the material that was used in abundance during the postwar economic boom through the 1970s. Emerging economies ...

National Oct 28, 2014

Shiozaki apologizes to plaintiffs in asbestos suits

Health, Labor and Welfare Minister Yasuhisa Shiozaki has apologized to the plaintiffs in two suits in which the Supreme Court held the government responsible for failing to prevent factory workers from being exposed to asbestos. "I offer my most sincere apology to everybody. . . ...

National Jan 8, 2014

28 Japanese confirmed with asbestos injuries from working at U.S. bases

Twenty-eight Japanese have officially been recognized as falling ill from inhaling asbestos while working at U.S. military bases in Okinawa, including 21 who have died, Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry data showed Tuesday. They represent more than half of the 48 people recognized with asbestos ...