Young rikishi offer new hope for sumo

Sumo Nov 23, 2017

Young rikishi offer new hope for sumo

With Harumafuji's assault scandal seeing sumo's name dragged through the mud once again, a new generation of young wrestlers are looking to lift Japan's ancient national sport out of the muck. One such wrestler is 24-year-old up-and-comer Daiamami, a 14th-ranked maegashira who is the only ...

Sumo Apr 26, 2013

Hakuho stays focused on matching Asashoryu's win total

Yokozuna Hakuho has set his sights on joining retired yokozuna Asashoryu in third place on the all- time championship list with 25 career titles by winning the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament. Hakuho, who won the spring title in March with a perfect 15-0 record, is ...