Reference | FYI May 20, 2008

Ainu: indigenous in every way but not by official fiat

by Masami Ito

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples last Sept. 13, with Japan among the 144 member states voting in favor. The U.N. estimates there are more than 370 million indigenous people in some 70 countries. To this day, however, ...

Ainu culture in Hokkaido's Akan National Park

Travel Aug 25, 2006

Ainu culture in Hokkaido's Akan National Park

by Chris Bamforth

When Japan's Meiji Era (1868-1912) government concluded that the country had a manifest destiny to commence full-scale colonization of the hitherto barely developed northern island of Hokkaido, it set about the task assiduously. Much as with the American frontier, people from other parts of the ...