Commentary / Japan May 9, 2014

Japan should treat test scores with discretion

by Walt Gardner

Although the education ministry's decision to allow local boards of education in Japan to make public the results of achievement tests for individual schools appeals to those who are frustrated by what they perceive as a lowering of standards, the tests are far too ...

Editorials Apr 28, 2014

Stressing over test scores

The education ministry's new policy of letting municipal boards of education release the results of nationwide achievement tests for individual public schools risks distorting the approach to education in Japan.

Editorials Nov 4, 2013

Keep schools' test results private

Letting education boards, instead of individual public schools, decide whether to release the results of nationwide achievement tests for sixth and ninth graders would skew the purpose of education.

National Aug 28, 2013

Lower-ranked prefectures' students see improved achievement tests

Achievement tests given last April indicate elementary and junior high school students in lower-ranked prefectures improved their learning performance, a recent education ministry report found. The achievement tests for the 2013 academic year through March 2014 centered on two subjects — Japanese language and arithmetic ...